Wireless Technology

Wireless Technology is at the forefront of today's infrastructure setting. Today's wireless technology is fast, reliable, covers great distances, and has become much cheaper than running cable or fibre.

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Using state of the art technology, and software to provide the best economical solution for you, to provide you the security you need.  Our goal is to provide the best solution for your budget.

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Home Automation

Take control of your Home and have the security of knowing what is happening at any time.  Managing your lights, heat, locks, monitor your basement for water.  Have videos and pictures to your phone as they happen.

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How we care


Here at Monquart Consulting we take ownership in our solutions for you, we work hard to provide you with a solution that will benefit you and help you grow.   Thinking of your needs first, and saying "we" because were in this together.  Where only solutions for you that we our selves would want, are implemented..  we are here for you..


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